Detailed Australian economic data


AusEcon provides access to detailed economic data on the Australian economy for advanced users of economic statistics.

AusEcon is an easy-to-use interface to the ABS.Stat interface ( Any data available through ABS.Stat can be accessed in AusEcon. This includes: labour force, consumer price index and wage price index. (NB: Importantly, ABS.Stat does not have the national accounts).

AusEcon is designed for advanced users of ABS statistics, who know what they're looking for and want fine-grained control. Other users would likely be better off with the official Australian Bureau of Statistics app.

AusEcon is a third-party redistributor and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

AusEcon is for informational purposes only. No guarantees are given that the data are correct. Users should check the official ABS release on the ABS website.

Please note: data are not usually available until some time after 11.30. AusEcon has no control over when data are loaded into ABS.Stat.


Thousands of series

Every series in ABS.Stat is available in AusEcon

Fine-grained control

Choose from among hundreds of options to customise the series

Easy graphing

Graph series with intuitive zoom and pan controls




AusEcon uses data from ABS.Stat. Any data set available through ABS.Stat is available in AusEcon. View a data series by going to the browse tab and looking in the relevant category. You can filter by using the search icon in the toolbar.

Once you view a data series, you will be given a set of options to choose from. These are things like industry, region, sex etc. Commonly used series have sensible preset defaults, but less commonly used ones do not. If you choose an invalid combination of options (for instance, requesting seasonally adjusted data when it does not exist) no data will display, and you will be given a warning.

AusEcon downloads the data to your device, to save time when loading series. It checks for updates once a week. You can check for new data to the series you are viewing at any time by swiping down to refresh.


You can view a chart of your chosen series by clicking on the chart button in the bottom right corner. You can pan and zoom these charts, on both x and y axes, by dragging and pinching.


You can add a series to your favourites list by clicking the star in the toolbar. Remove a series from your favourites list by clicking the star again.




AusEcon uses ABS.Stat as its data source. Data are made available in ABS.Stat with a lag after official release. AusEcon cannot control how long this lag is.


Unfortunately, no. AusEcon pulls data from ABS.Stat, any series in ABS.Stat is available in AusEcon. Only if the ABS adds it to ABS.Stat will it appear in AusEcon.



If you have questions or suggestions, please send us an email.


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